Leather jackets 2019-2020

A legendary garment that has recently made a class trip from underground and rock to the fashion world. Like many other garments, the leather jacket began its career as a practical work garment used by soldiers, pilots and police. During World War II, the bomber jacket was born, a brown variant of the leather jacket with white lining used by combat pilots. The garment later came to be associated with the MC culture, as well as certain music styles such as punk, goth and hard rock, where the leather jacket became a statement for giving respect, belonging and showing a tough attitude.

Leather jackets gained wide popularity especially during the 1950s and 1960s, thanks to the Hollywood actors’ affection for the garment. Legendary actors such as Gary Cooper, Harrison Ford, Marlon Brando and James Dean took off the leather jacket from the combat pilots to the street culture. A cheaper and more animal and environmentally friendly alternative are leather jackets made of synthetic fibers, something that has gained ground in recent years.

No matter what style you have, there is room for leather jackets in your wardrobe! A leather jacket can put a whole look or break off for interesting contrast. Along with black baggy jeans you get a rocky look. A brown leather jacket gives a tougher touch to a romantic dress style, perhaps with a pastel long dress, loose hair and sandals. Replace the sandals with sneakers and you get a sporty influence that gives you an interesting and trend-conscious style. With jumpsuits and high heels, you’ll be ready for a party in minutes! Leather jacket and short skirt gives an unbroken and cool attitude that performs well on the big dance floors. The leather jacket also has the advantage of being both warm and stylish.

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